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Furniture Upstyling



At Mols & Tati-Lois we are passionate about the impact beautiful lampshades and furniture can have on a home. Our products are hand-tailored and often upstyled, particularly in the case of furniture. 


We fashion beautiful lampshades out of vintage and contemporary designer fabrics from all over the world. Furniture pieces are lovingly restored, painted, and where appropriate, upholstered in bold prints and vibrant colours, giving them another spin on the dance floor. 


Commissions are very happily taken on: we can create bespoke pieces to your specifications or if you are not 100% sure what you are after, we can help you decide. We can also style existing spaces in your home. 


And if you want to learn how to make things yourself, then we offer a wide range of tailored workshops for you to choose from. 


Our philosophy is simple: make, reuse, and re-present beautiful items for that special place we call home. Everything we create at Mols & Tati-Lois is done with great care, love and passion!

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