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Who is Natalia? 

Mother of three beautiful children, I juggle work as a Senior Editor at an illustrated book publishers 

with being an author and a designer-maker of lampshades and upstyling furniture. 


I am passionate about breathing new life into pre-loved items and creating beautiful pieces for the home. I have always been a maker. From a young age I always preferred to create things myself rather than play with shop-bought toys. This continued into adulthood; I studied Textiles and Fashion at Art College, followed by a degree in History of Art. Somehow though I fell into book publishing, which did fulfil my desire for creativity for a long time. 


It was when I had kids that I rediscovered the joy of 'making'. Spending time with them and exploring creating things through the eyes of a child reignited my passion for crafting. 


A few years ago it all really came together in that we moved house (a real renovation project, which we are

still working on). I had a very specific



idea for a lampshade I wanted in the dining room. I couldn't find it. So I decided to make one myself. 


I found an old frame at the tip, read everything I could about how to make soft-sided lampshades and then set about creating. And the final result wasn't all that bad. 


Since then I've been hooked. I've now done many courses in traditional lampshade-making techniques, furniture upstyling, and upholstery. I've also written Handmade Lampshades (published by GMC Publications Ltd) – a beautiful illustrated practical guide to making lampshades. I absolutely love finding a really unloved piece of furniture or an old lampshade frame and breathing new life into them. 


I really hope you enjoy my website and find the products inspiring. If you have any questions please contact me on or 07776 380960


Thanks for popping by. 


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